Restoration – Raising the Rafters!








Restoration – Raising the Rafters!

This fundraising campaign to replace our roof has just been launched. It’s Phase 1 of our 4-phase restoration project, and we need to restore the roof first because until we do that we can’t get funding for the other three phases. We’d dearly love to get our new roof on within the next few months. The current roof ‘s in a bad way – it leaks, it’s getting worse, and we don’t want that to cause any further damage to the interior of the building.

There are three ways of donating to this campaign

• You can buy one of our postcards – £1 each to ‘sponsor a slate’. The set of cards is available at our events, and downstairs in Bar Abbey and the Snooker Hall
• £5 from you will cover a single ‘Slate Stack’ of five slates. Of course you can sponsor more than one stack if you want to – just let us know when you send us the tear-off form (on our Raising the Rafters leaflet) from the PDF on this page
• If you would prefer to spread your payment across the year, you can give us a regular monthly donation via our Roof Slate Covenant arrangement. Just download the PDF on this page, and send in the form.

If you belong to a group or club or pub that would like to hold an event to fundraise for us, please let us know about his so we can feature it on our website.

Thank you so much for your support

  Ways to Donate

Roof Slate Covenant

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